Sony launches new range of straps for the Smartwatch 2

Smartwatch 2 Yellow

If you recently bought yourself a Sony Smartwatch 2, you might want to look at this closely as the Japanese manufacturer has just released a bunch of new wrist straps for the smartwatch. This basically makes the smartwatch that much more customizable, with the range of color options being fairly limited up until now. The new color options include turquoise, pink, purple and yellow costing €19.90 across Europe and £16.99 in the UK.

Additionally, Sony is also offering black and brown leather variants with a price tag of €24.90 and £20.99 in Europe and the UK respectively. It seems like the availability is limited to the UK and Europe for now, with Asia possibly following suit. The company recently started selling the Smartwatch 2 through its online store in the U.S., and these new straps can be spotted on the website too, but without a price and availability date. Sony recently surprised the world when it mentioned that the company’s mobile unit doesn’t have big plans for the American market. So it will have to do the best it can outside the U.S. as there are plenty of other smartphone hungry markets in Asia and Europe.

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Via: Xperia Blog