Select HTC Android Devices Getting 25-50 GB Free Google Drive Space For Two Years

Here’s good news for owners of HTC Android devices. Free cloud storage space is being offered for two years depending on which HTC device is owned. People are used to getting this promo from Dropbox but this time around it’s from Google Drive. The free space varies from 25GB to 50GB and is available per account/device.

The HTC One Max will be getting 50GB Google Drive storage for free for two years. Certain 2013 HTC models will be getting a free 25GB Google Drive storage as soon as the upgrade to HTC Sense 5+ becomes available. Take note that the HTC One Developer Edition is excluded from this promo due to its unlocked bootloader.

If you own an HTC device here’s how to check if you are eligible for this promo.

  • Launch the preloaded Google Drive application on your device
  • Press Redeem when presented with this screen
  • Follow the screen prompts to complete redemption

Just make sure that your device has an internet connection and that your Google account is already setup.

There might be cases when you might see an error message when trying to redeem this offer. When you see a message that says “The offer has already been redeemed on your device” this means that the device has already availed of the offer previously. A message that says “The offer has already been redeemed by your Google Account” means that the Google account trying to redeem the offer has already redeemed it previously.

This Google Drive offer can be redeemed until January 1, 2016 and the two years storage starts on the day you redeem it. Once the two years is up your files will still become accessible however you won’t be able to add additional files unless you opt in for a subscription package.

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