Scentee accessory provides alerts…to your nose?

The creators of Scentee, a new smartphone accessory from Japan, seem to believe that regular notifications that alert you via vibrations, tones, or LED lights are old school. Its solution: a notification system that emits scents and smells to let you know that you have a new message waiting to be opened.


Scentee works by releasing the scents in so-called flavor capsules once triggered by an incoming notification or alarm. Such capsules, which offer a wide range of scents, are stored right inside the accessory that plugs into your smartphone.

The range of smells that the Scentee can produce are wide, and some of the choices are surprising. Among those available in the scent catalogue are apple, coconut, jasmine, strawberry, bacon, corn soup, coffee, rose, curry, ylang-ylang, lavender, mint, and cinnamon roll. These capsules retail for $5 a pop, and each lasts for around 100 puffs. But that’s not all: the company is offering a limited-edition scent capsule to celebrate the device’s launch next month. Called Hana Yakiniku, the scent capsule comes with three flavors that will approximate a real meal: calbee or beef ribs, tan-Shio or salted tongue, and Jyaga butter or buttered potato. These scent capsules are available on Amazon Japan.

You can customize which smell the Scentee accessory dispenses for Facebook likes, new e-mails, or text messages. You can also choose to program the accessory to release your preferred scent at particular time intervals, so your smartphone remains smelling like flowers or fruits every half hour or so. Customization is done by means of a smartphone app, which currently supports both Android and iOS devices. The round gadget also comes with an LED light whose color can also be customized via the free mobile app.

The Scentee device is bound to arrive in the Japanese market on November 15th. It will retail for around $35. Eventually, Scentee will make its way to foreign markets, but such schedule has not yet been revealed.

Would you consider buying an odd smartphone accessory like the Scentee?

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