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Samsung May Prevent Use of Unauthorized Accessories on its Devices Using ID Chips

We have some bad news ..ahem, rumor, today that you will definitely not like if you are a fan of Samsung.  South Korea’s ET News reported earlier today that Samsung is planning to force smartphone and tablet buyers to use its official accessories on their devices or in the least accessories they authorize.  Samsung, the report read, will achieve this by fitting authorization chips in accessories such as smart covers, battery packs, docks and wireless chargers.  Only approved accessories will work.

Samsung Mobile Store. Rumor has it Samsung will equip its devices and accessories with chips to prevent use of unauthorized accessories.
Samsung Mobile Store. Rumor has it Samsung will equip its devices and accessories with chips to prevent use of unauthorized accessories.

If this rumor is true, it means that all the unofficial accessories produced by third parties will be greatly impacted and the costs for the end user will rise sharply as well.  Samsung is considering equipping its devices with these chips that will prevent the unauthorized devices from working in a move in many ways like that of Apple and its iPhone lightning cables which are equipped with authorization chips with serial numbers to prevent swapping and tampering.

It is unclear what prompted Samsung to make this move which will most definitely be unpopular among the majority of its customers but all signs point at recent instances of accidents and scares caused by malfunctioning accessories including batteries and chargers.  Most reported cases involved overheating and exploding counterfeit and third-party batteries that have left Samsung grappling with bad publicity.  This could be the case or Maybe Samsung just wants a bigger cake of the accessories market by selling its own accessories for all its devices.

There is also the issue of the ever increasing number of counterfeit products in the market.  Most counterfeit accessories in some cases flood the market even before the official accessories arrive at the retail stores.  Many buyers go for them for different reasons but truth is most get inferior products and at times plainly dangerous.  Smartphone and tablet safety can be improved if such technology is adopted, will Samsung be the first?

Whatever the case, if you are an Android lover or more specifically Sammy’s fan boy, this will affect you if it materializes.  This may be just the first move of many to come that aim at tightening smartphone security as these devices become more personal and useful in this age of mobility, smartphone power and society seemingly powered by information.  With features such as fingerprint and face sensors creeping into smartphones, Samsung may be justified to put its rep (or bank account) ahead of everything else.

Source: ET News via Sam Mobile

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