Samsung Galaxy S5 to be the Most Secure Smartphone with Eye Sensor (Rumor)

Samsung is rumored to be making the world’s most secure smartphone with an eye sensor, technology that hasn’t come to most consumer devices yet.  Word is that Samsung will push the smartphone envelope a little further by equipping their next flagship with an eye sensor that basically is a biometric identification tool just like the fingerprint sensor.  However, the eye sensor, though more expensive and recent, is more accurate and reliable on portable devices than fingerprint sensors.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Eye Sensor

A few days ago, we heard that Samsung may release its next flagship smartphone presumably Samsung Galaxy S5 as early as January 2014, but this is just a rumor.  You can go through this post to see a roundup of Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors we have seen so far.  Back to the news at hand, we know that most rumors about Samsung flagship smartphones eventually come true and seeing the amazing innovativeness the company put in Samsung Galaxy S4 that has an eye tracker, it wouldn’t be unrealistic to assume that by January next year we could buy a Samsung smartphone that brings the eye scanner.

 In the world of high end smartphones, manufacturers are racing to outdo each other and win the admiration of the billions of users around the world and the best and most effective approach, it seems, is by making high end smartphones with new features.  This basically means that users will be able to unlock the device by looking at the sensor which will analyze it and ID the user.  We don’t know how this would work yet but if it will be like any other eye sensor, then this is what you should expect.

We have heard it before – a smartphone manufacturer is rumored to be working on a high end highly anticipated device that could shake the market with new features and capabilities and a rumor tricks out every once in a while.  In most cases, the anticipated smartphone delivers on most specs it promises but a few, mainly the ones causing so much and getting tongues wagging.

According to earlier rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S5 should be a major upgrade from its predecessor the S4.  Apple has already opened the floodgates of smartphone capabilities by putting together almost everything good that Android smartphones have brought over the years including a Touch ID with a fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S but the S4 remains the winner when it comes to which has the most sensors and capabilities.

Source:  Ubergizmo and GSM Arena