Samsung Galaxy S4 Problem About the Settings Reverting to Default

Samsung Galaxy S4 Problem

One annoying Galaxy S4 problem that some users encounter is its ringtone settings reverting back to default every time the phone reboots. Many Galaxy S4 users are complaining about this particular issue which does not only affect the ringtone settings but the other configurations of the phone as well in some cases.

According to other sources like the forums in AndroidCentral and XDA Developers, some people experiencing this Galaxy S4 problem even called Samsung about it. However, they said that even the company failed to point out the exact cause of the problem. The most common advice that they are getting from the company is to do a Factory Reset which seemed to be a general solution to solve the issue.

Although doing a Factory Reset works almost all the time, this will cause a complete wipe to your phone memory which will make you lose all your data. So, before doing this, you have to consider the following solutions first:

1. Look for Rogue Apps

Sometimes, incompatible, corrupted or malicious files can be culprit. So, make sure that you have a reliable antivirus or anti-malware software installed in your device. Look for apps that you think are suspicious in nature also and disable them temporarily. From there, restart your phone and try to change its settings. Then, perform another reboot to see whether the configurations that you have placed are in tact or have reverted back to default. Once you have pinpointed the app causing the issue, uninstall it.

2. Update Your Apps and OS

See to it that your apps and OS are running in their most recent version. Keeping your apps or Android OS up to date will help you eliminate bugs and ensure the good working condition of your system.

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