What To Do If Samsung Galaxy S4 Has A Damaged Battery Connector

damaged connectorThere are other forms of battery problems in Samsung Galaxy S4 and one of them is the damaged battery connector. I recently read one of the emails our reader sent us asking what to do with his phone since he cannot charge it due to a problem with the connector.

Basically, there could be two scenarios in which this problem occurs: first, damaged connector on the battery; second, damaged connector on the phone itself.

What To Do

Step 1: Find the damaged connectors. Find which connectors were damaged, you need to take the battery out and inspect its connectors. More often, batteries would have pushed in connectors. If they look fine, then check the ones on your phone; they could be pushed in or broken.

Step 2: Clean the connectors. Using a clean, soft cloth, gently clean the connectors on both the phone and the battery to eliminate the possibility of corrosion. More often dirt decreases conduction, which would result to temporary power failure on the device.

Step 3: Straighten pushed in connectors. In case the phone has pushed in connectors, take tweezers and attempt to straighten them. Be gentle when you do so because applying too much force would result to further damage. With connectors already straighten, test the device if it turns on or charges. If it does, then the problem is solved.

Step 4: Send the phone for repair. Cleaning and straightening the connectors are the things you could actually do to try to fix the problem. Do not open the device up because you would void the warranty. Instead, bring the phone to an authorized technician and have it checked.

Tell us your phone problems

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3 Replies to “What To Do If Samsung Galaxy S4 Has A Damaged Battery Connector”

  1. Hello,
    I do not actually have a damaged battery or connector but I do need to know what the 4 connectors on my Galaxy S3 phone battery are for. I have tried everywhere to find out and Samsung are either unwilling to tell me or the technical support guy I spoke to doesn’t know either.

    with the battery contacts on the left, and numbering from the left, the first contact is marked ‘+’, the second, no marking; the third is marked ‘-‘ and the fourth; no marking.

    The reason for my wanting to know is that my cheapo Chinese GPS battery has gone belly up and I want to replace it with a larger battery. The existing one is only 1250 mAh and I have a spare 2100 mAh Samsung battery. The existing batter in the GPS has a red, black and white wire connected and I am assuming that the red and black are power with the white wire is a control connection for the Li-Ion charging.

    I hope that you can help me as the GPS is loaded with a lot of personal address data and I do not wish to lose it all.

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