Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Does Not Charge the Battery [Troubleshooting Guide]

galaxy s3 mini batteryThere were several reports of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini that refuses to charge its battery or cannot finish charging. The causes may vary from owner to owner and among the most common are:

  • Defective battery and charger.
    The device turns very hot when the charger is plugged in.
  • Connectors on the device are corroded, bent or damaged.
  • Connectors on the battery are pushed in, corroded, bent or damaged.
  • The phone is damaged.

Based on these possible causes, here are the things you should do to troubleshoot the problem and hopefully fix it.

Check your battery and charger. The simplest way to do this is to plug it to your phone to see if the indicator would say it’s charging. If it does, at least, you can rest assured that your charging unit is still transmitting current, so you should focus on your battery and device. If the battery is defective, the phone may charge for a few minutes then stops; it is because the battery couldn’t hold the current from the charging unit. Another indication that it has a problem is when the phone shows the battery is fully charged but drained so fast. If this is the case, you might consider buying a new battery pack.

Check your phone’s temperature. When charging, it is normal that the phone turns hot but not to the point that  you couldn’t almost touch it. If your device’s temperature goes unusually high during the process, do not continue instead bring your phone to an authorized technician to be checked thoroughly and be diagnosed properly. Remember that when an electronic device turns so hot, something bad might happen.

Connector problem. Corrosion on both the device’s and battery’s connectors would interrupt the charging process simply because current cannot be conducted properly. The same goes to bent, pushed in or totally damaged connectors. If the problem is on the connectors on your phone, a technician might be able to fix it, if it’s on the battery, buying a new one would surely help.

Damaged phone. If your phone suffered a fall prior to the problem, a hardware may have been damaged by the impact. Another thing that could also totally damage the battery is when the phone will be soaked in water. To determine if the device has experienced liquid damage you can check the LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator). The LDI is located inside the battery well and on the battery itself. LDI indicators should be solid white or white with visible pink/purple X’s. If the device has been exposed to moisture, the LDI will be solid pink/purple/red.

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