Samsung Galaxy S3 Crashing Apps

galaxy s3 crashing apps

There are some Samsung Galaxy S3 users who are complaining about frequent crashes whenever they are trying to open apps. If you happened to be experiencing Samsung Galaxy S3 crashing apps, here is a quick look at the possible causes of the problem as well as the solutions that will likely solve the issue.

Possible Causes of Galaxy S3 Crashing Apps

Among the possible factors that could trigger the issue are system glitches, memory issues, outdated software, corrupted apps, rouge apps, or faulty hardware.

Fixing the Galaxy S3 Crashing Apps

Here are the solutions that you try out to fix the Galaxy S3 crashing apps problem:

1. Refresh Your Phone Regularly

Refresh the system of your phone by restarting it. Sometimes, this very simple solution does the trick.

2. Check the Memory

Lighten up the load of your device by uninstalling the apps that you are no longer using. Try to leave at least 150 MB for your internal memory. Also having too many apps running in the background will likely cause crashes so make sure that you leave some breathing room for your device by disabling or closing the apps that you are no longer using through the task bar, or better, simply uninstall the ones that you are no longer using. Don’t forget to clear out your cache as well.

3. Update Apps

If you haven’t updated your software for quite some time, there is a chance that it is prone to bugs. So, every once in a while, connect it online to see the updates offered to your device or apps.

4. Reinstall Apps

Corrupted apps will likely cause crashes when you are trying to open them. So, if updating does not solve the issue, reinstall it instead.

5. Seek an Alternative to TouchWiz

According to some Galaxy S3 users who have been encountering this problem, switching to an alternative to TouchWiz solved their issue. So, if you think that it is TouchWiz triggering the problem, try out another launcher instead. You can easily find alternatives for it through Google Play Store.

6. Identify RAM-Hogging Apps

Apps that are rigged with malware or viruses have the tendency to bring out this issue. Apps that are erratic in nature can also interfere with the normal function of your other apps or system as a whole. So, look for any suspicious apps in your phone and disable or uninstall them.

Another way to diagnose whether third-party apps are causing the trouble is by testing your phone’s normal functions through Safe Mode.

7. Perform a Factory Reset

If all else fails, perform a Factory Reset to undo any damage or changes in your system that may be triggering the problem. Back up your data though because this will wipe out all your installed apps and data, leaving you only with the basic apps of your device.

8. Have the Hardware Checked

Frequent or sudden overheating is sometimes an indication of a problem in the hardware. Of course, if this is the case, there is a big chance that it will mess up the whole operation of your phone. So, if you have tried everything up to the Factory Reset and yet you are still experiencing this burden, it might be a good idea to bring your phone to a technician already.

Questions or Additional Inputs

Take note that the solutions here are general in nature so they are also applicable in other devices. However, if you have more specific questions about your Galaxy S3 device, feel free to email us at [email protected]. You can share to us your ideas related to the subject too through email or via the comment box below.

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