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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 variant with fingerprint scanner in the works

A Samsung Galaxy Note 3 variant with a fingerprint scanner may be in the works, and may be released into the market before the year ends. The information comes from the Korean publication ET News, which cites Samsung insiders as the source.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 variant with fingerprint scanner is now being developed, says rumors
A Samsung Galaxy Note 3 variant with a fingerprint scanner is now being developed, says rumors

Samsung was earlier reported to be uninterested in fingerprint scanner technology. Such technology is present on devices like the Pantech Vega LTE-A, Pantech Vega Secret Note, the Fujitsu Arrows A, and possibly on the upcoming HTC One Max. Samsung’s rival, Apple, also has the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on its iPhone 5s. To bolster the claim, Samsung even made an official statement denying that it is developing such scanner at the moment.

The new report, however, appears to suggest otherwise. It would be recalled that speculations of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a fingerprint scanner had been present even before the launch of the phablet. Leaks of a screenshot with KNOX feature showed a Fingerprint Service last month. An insider from Samsung’s R&D in India also revealed some information about the fingerprint sensor. The sensor, as per the insider, would allegedly allow one to make use of a fingerprint to access either the personal screen or the guest screen, depending on whether the device recognizes the fingerprint of not. The same feature would also supposedly increase the security of mobile payments.

Purportedly, Samsung scrapped the fingerprint sensor from the Note 3 just before the device was released. The reason was said to be due to the unreliability of the fingerprint scanner solution provided by Validity, a company based in the United States.

This time around, Samsung would supposedly not team up with Validity anymore. Instead, it would develop the fingerprint technology on its own, while relying on suppliers like CrucialTec and Parton.

The rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 3 variant is expected to place the sensor on the side of the device, says the same ET News report. This will permit Samsung to stand out and avoid accusations of copying, as Pantech and HTC have already opted to have the scanner on their handset’s rear plate, and Apple chose to have it on the front. Due to the slim profile of the phablet, this would likely be a challenge for Samsung.

Apart from the fingerprint scanner variant, other variants of the Note 3 may be released, if Samsung decides to use the same marketing strategy that it used with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

There are also rumors that the fingerprint technology could be made available on the Samsung Galaxy S5, which as per the latest reports, could be launched during the first quarter of next year.

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