Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problem: Photos Can’t Be Opened

galaxy note 2 problem

Recently, we received an email in our Mailbag which reads, “Hi, I just read your blog about the Galaxy Note 2, so I though that maybe you could help me. I’m having problems with my phone. The main problem is that I can’t access the photos that are stored in the memory phone and SD card of the cell phone. I tried taking out the SD card from the cell phone and read it with another device and it worked. What could be causing the problem and how do I fix it?”

Possible Solutions

Looking at the message, there seems to be no problem with the files stored in the phone. So, there is a huge possibility that this particular Galaxy Note 2 problem is caused by a faulty Gallery app, a third-party app going haywire, or a glitch in the system.

Here are ways to solve this Galaxy Note 2 issue:

1. Perform a Soft Reset

Before doing anything else, perform a Soft Reset. All you have to do is hold down the Power/Lock button until your phone reboots successfully. This will help refresh its system and remove minor glitches.

2. Check for Rouge Third-Party Apps

Start your phone under Safe Mode. From there try to open up any file stored in your Gallery or take a new picture and attempt to open it. If you have successfully accessed the photos under this mode, then there’s a possibility that there are third-party apps causing the trouble. Try to recall the recent apps that you have installed prior to the occurence of the Galaxy Note 2 problem and disable the ones that you think are causing the problem.

Some Galaxy Note 2 users shared in online forums that there are programs like games, gallery or camera apps, prayer apps or antivirus apps causing this (yes, you read that right, some antivirus apps sometimes go haywire so make sure to read feedbacks from users before downloading one and choose only a reliable software). Determining which app is causing the issue is a trial and error process so this requires a lot of patience because you will have to disable each app one by one and then check your gallery as you go on.

3. Install Another Gallery App

If you think that your Gallery app itself is faulty, look for a good alternative from Play Store and install it.

4. Do a Factory Reset

The easiest and fastest way to remove all the glitches in your system and remove all the third-party apps triggering the issue is through a Factory Reset. Be sure to back up all your data though because this will wipe out your entire memory and all your settings will revert back to default.

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