Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Displays ‘Memory Full’ Message

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One of the common problems owners of the 16GB variant of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 encounter is running out of internal memory. Consequently, they cannot download or install new apps and other processes would be blocked by the phone simply because there’s not enough space to cache data.

Another case is that apps refuse to run because the phone is out of memory or RAM. These issues would appear to be the same but they’re not. To differentiate one from another, phone that runs out of RAM will often lag, hang or freeze but users can still save files or install new apps.

Fixing Galaxy Note 2 Memory Full Problem

When this problem occurs, it means that you need to manage your phone’s storage better. Here’s what you need to do:

#1. If you love taking a lot of pictures and videos, copy these files to your computer because they often eat up a huge portion of your storage than any other. You may need to download KIES to your computer and install it so that it would be easier to back things up from your phone. On the other hand, if you’ve installed the right drivers, you can simply copy and paste those file to your computer.

#2. If you’re an avid gamer, I’m pretty sure 16 or 32 GB is not enough for all your games. So, you would need to uninstall the apps you’re not using to free up some space. After all, you can easily download and re-install those apps if you need them back. Or, you can restore your purchases if you paid for them.

#3. Another effective way to fix this problem is by using Galaxy Note 2’s native file explorer app known as “My Files” to delete pictures that you’ve already backed up.

Fixing Galaxy Note 2 Out Of Memory Problem

For RAM-related problems, you don’t really need to delete as much files as the previous problem. In fact, all you need to do is initiate RAM clearing.

#1. Before you go a little further, try to reboot your phone to see if the problem would be solved. Otherwise, continue with the next step.

#2.  Go to the Home screen, press and hold the Home button and swipe left or right each app you see. Then tap on Task Manager, then the tab that says “RAM.” From there you can see a button that says “Clear Memory,” tap on that and you’ll clear your phone’s memory.

#3. In case the problem couldn’t be solved by these simple procedures, you have no other choice but initiate a factory reset.

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  1. I am having a issue with the note 2. I have a 32 gb card and for some reason i notice my phone said it was low on internal memory. Well when i checked it moved everything from sd card to internal memory. I thought I fixed this by removing a lot of pictures and transfering all them back to sd card well today noticed again sd card empty and internal memory full. I had change storage to store all pictures and videos on sd card. so I am wondering why this phone is moving everything to internal storage and my sd card is completly empty

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