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Samsung Galaxy Gear can run regular Android apps via ADB sideloading

Galaxy Gear Apps

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is very limited in its approach, in that it only allows Samsung devices to operate with it. App compatibility is also very limited as the smartwatch cannot download and install regular apps either. But there might be a fix to that according to a new revelation. It appears that if the users are able to somehow enable USB debugging on the smartwatch, non-Google apps can be easily sideloaded via ADB (Android Debug Bridge). This means that users can sideload any third party apps on the Galaxy Gear and make it work as they would want to.

The folks at Ars Technica were apparently able to sideload apps like Candy Crush and play around it with ease. Google apps however won’t work on the Galaxy Gear as the device doesn’t have specific framework apps required for their functioning. The Galaxy Gear features a heavily skinned and customized version of Android, so users don’t really have a lot of liberty with the apps. But a quick fix like this could just be the remedy for customers who have been saddened by the lack of out of the box support from Samsung.

Source: Ars Technica

Via: Talk Android

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