Samsung explains features of the Galaxy Note 3 in a new infographic

Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been available for almost a couple of weeks now, with global markets getting it first in late September. However, there are plenty of potential buyers out there who are somewhat confused if this is a worthy upgrade from the predecessor or other phablets. So to convince such users, Samsung has decided to publish a neat little infographic which shows what is new with the Galaxy Note 3 and what has changed over the course of the years. We saw HTC tease the One Max with its “Great Trios in History” infographic last week and Samsung has appropriately followed suit.

Infographics are essentially a fun way to educate the customers regarding new products or changes and has been the trend of late. Evidently, Samsung also mentions the Galaxy Gear¬†smartwatch in the infographic and talks about its all day battery life. The infographic proudly brags of the Galaxy Note 3 being 1.1mm thinner than its predecessor along with a “modern” design.

Galaxy Note 3 Infographic

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

Via: Sam Mobile