Rumor: Samsung to create their own version of Google Glass, launching Q2 2014

According to a tweet sent out earlier this morning by Eldar Murtazin, Samsung is currently in development of their own version of Google Glass, and will name it…Gear Glass. Unsurprisingly, this name is a direct contrast to Samsung’s recently announced smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear.

As Eldar Murtazin mentions, the Gear Glass should launch sometime in April or May, which would put us in Q2 of 2014. This could launch alongside the Galaxy S5, similarly to what Samsung did when they announced the Galaxy Gear alongside the Galaxy Note 3.

Only time will tell, but hopefully they don’t make this ‘Gear Glass’ a mediocre product such as the Galaxy Gear. If Samsung’s going to sway interest away from Google’s own Glass product, they’ll need to add some extremely distinguishing features and not bloat this thing up with TouchWiz.

Source: Twitter