Roccat Power-Grid App Open Beta Starts Tomorrow, Allows Control Of PC Using Android Smartphone

Roccat’s Power-Grid app will finally be available in open beta tomorrow. Those who wish to test out its functionality before its official release will have to pre-register first. The app which was unveiled last June at Computex Taipei 2013 uses the new Power-Grid technology that allows gamers to use their Android smartphones to control their PC and games.

The Power-Grid app version 0.458 can now be downloaded at the Google Play Store and has a 2.7MB file size. It is compatible with devices running on Android 2.3.3 and up. The app allows users to monitor, control, and connect to a PC and game in real-time. Once installed in an Android device, users will be presented with four control displays or grids. The first three grids are pre-loaded with essential tools that are made up of “Incoming Center”, “Stats Control”, “Sound Control”. The fourth grid is free and customizable.

So what’s the significance of this app? Let’s say you are playing your favorite game then suddenly you get an important Skype call or a message over at Facebook. Instead of using alt-tab or investing in a second monitor you will be able to route any voice or text communication to your smartphone for easy viewing.

Power-Grid also gives you a quick view of your current PC system resources. You’ll get to see information such as how much RAM you are using or how many processor cores are active. Switching to another grid allows you to control the volume or switch on your music.

The key features of the four grids are as follows

  • Incoming Center – keep track of your feeds. Facebook, Twitter, Skype, TeamSpeak, and RSS feeds in this communications HQ.
  • System Stats – monitor your vital system information, such as CPU load, memory and hard drive usage, and more.
  • Sound Control – operate Windows Media Player and iTunes, as well as your system audio settings. Adjust the master volume, or the volume of each application individually.
  • Two Custom Tabs – Power-Grid not only connects your smartphone to your PC, it also features a powerful editor that lets you build your own Grids and Controls to load into your tab bar – for the ultimate in customization.

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