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How to Replace Galaxy S3 Screen

Replace Galaxy S3 Screen

Things that you will need to replace Galaxy S3 screen:

  • Screen replacement
  • Screwdriver
  • Picks for plastic and metal

How to replace Galaxy S3 screen:

1. Remove Battery

Locate the small notch on the top portion of the back casing of your phone. Use the tip of your finger on the notch to pull down the back cover.

2. Take Out Battery

Remove the battery by inserting the tip of your finger on the small notch on top of it. Simply, pull the battery out.

3. Detach SIM and Memory Cards

If you have SIM or SD card inserted, remove them as well.

4. Remove Screws

You will see ten screws around the corner of the exposed back of your phone. Use the screwdriver to carefully remove them.

5. Remove Lower Back Plate

Using the metal pick, remove the lower back plate of the Galaxy S3. Simply insert the pick carefully in the side where the plastic bezels meet and use it to lift the plate until it comes off.

6. Take Off Upper Black Plate

On top of the notch that you used to remove the battery, on the left of the rear-facing camera, you will see a flexi cable. Carefully detach it using the plastic pick and proceed to remove the upper plate using the metal pick to pry it out.

7. Remove the Circuit Board

Remove the lone screw in lower left portion of the circuit board. Then, detach the flexi cables holding the cricuit board using the plastic pick. There is one on the lower left just above the screw that you just removed, two at the left of the camera, and one at the lower right section below the panel for the battery which is for the antenna. Lift the circuit board to remove it.

8. Remove the Screen

Using a conventional hair dryer or a heat gun, heat up the monitor to help you easily detach it. After that, use the metal pick to pry out the sides if the encasing. Note that you will damage the screen further at this point, but do not worry about it since you got your replacement anyway.

9. Scrape off LCD

Use the metal pick to scrape off the black plastic remnants that will be exposed after removing the screen. Use a soft brush or a cloth to wipe off all the remaining glass or plastic fragments from your frame.

10. Insert the Digitizer Replacement

Now, pop in the new digitizer to the frame. Make sure to line it up properly. The home button and the speaker mesh must be in place. It is strongly advised to test the home button while you are in this point to make sure that there will be no problems when pressing it.

11. Put Everything In

Next, perform all the steps discussed above in reverse. Put back the circuit board, the plates and the other components of the phone. Make sure that all the flexi cables and screws are in place.

12. Test

Lastly, start up your device and test it.


For see the actual method to replace Galaxy S3 Screen check out this video below, courtesy of PhoneDoctors’ YouTube video:

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