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Patent application reveals Samsung made Google Glass competitor

Samsung Glass

A new patent application filed in Korea has revealed a new Samsung made competitor of Google Glass. The patent application hasn’t hit the USPTO yet, which means it’s still early days for the prototype. But the reference design gives us an idea of its functioning. This unit seems to have a wire hanging out possibly for USB charging. The display/projector appears to be on the left lenses while the right portion of the unit could possibly feature a few other controls. Inside the frame, we can see earphones poking out, which means Samsung will look to make this an all in one device rather than a Google Glass clone.

Samsung Glass -2


Bear in mind, this device is still pretty far away from launch as it is still in its developmental stages. So don’t be surprised if most of these features don’t make the cut with the final design. We’re guessing this device will be Bluetooth compatible as well, thus helping users make phone calls or listen to music from the phone.

We hope a device like this comes to the market soon as the current choices are fairly limited. Pricing will obviously be key here as Google charges a whopping $1,500 for the Explorer edition Glass. But Google will soon launch a mass produced version of the device for much less, so the pricing won’t be a concern for too long.

Samsung Glass -1

Source: Patent Page

Via: Phone Arena

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