OmniROM Announced At BABBQ , Coming Soon for Android Devices

The Big Android BBQ was recently held at the Hurst Convention Center in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. This is a mobile technology conference that gathers developers, enthusiasts and hackers. Several developers, namely Xplodwild, Chainfire & Dees_Troy, announced during this event that they will soon be releasing a new Android custom ROM called OmniROM.

In case you didn’t know Xplodwild is the person behind the Focal camera app and was once a member of the CyanogenMod team. Chainfire is popularly known for his SuperSu app and rooting a lot of samsung devices. His latest work is RegionLockAway that removes the region lock on the European version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Dees-Troy is best known as the lead developer of TWRP Recovery.

These developers teamed up to create OmniROM. What is this ROM all about anyway? Here’s how they describe it as quoted from their website.

“Omni is what custom ROMs used to be about – innovation, new features, transparency, community, and freedom. While other ROMs may water down their distribution to ensure it passes Google approval, we offer you an alternative: an Android distribution which remains compatible, but which doesn’t compromise on your experience.”

“Omni is a chance to get involved, no matter who you are. Developers, whether you’ve been developing apps for a week, or ROM features for 3 years, you’re welcome. Users, we know you want to help out, and we know you’re frustrated when you are told “no bug reports on nightlies”. You want to help out more, and now you can – Omni actively encourages bug reports and feature requests, which can be added to our publicly accessible roadmap. What’s the point in giving you a ROM, and forcing you to not tell us about any bugs you find?”

“Talking of nightlies, we also recognise how people use Custom ROMs – we’re all custom ROM users and developers ourselves – the argument that “nightlies are not for end users” is over-used, and no longer valid. We’ve found that the vast majority of users want to get nightly updates to their ROM. For that reason, nightlies aren’t a playground – nightlies are for new features that are finished. You should be able to expect the same stability and reliability from a nightly as you would from a “release” ROM, and can report any bugs that prevent this from happening.”

“We know not everyone wants to update their ROM daily, and you are free to update as frequently or infrequently as you like. Omni is about flexibility and giving users what they expect, rather than forcing users to use unstable builds in order to run a recent version of Android, then be denied the ability to report bugs, or suggest features, or point out issues.”

Some of the key features of OmniROM include

  • Flippable Quick Settings
  • Roadrunner mode
  • Multi-window
  • Daydream enhancements
  • Integrated Performance Control
  • Multi-workspace
  • Color-changeable
  • 3D depth Phase Beam

The list of devices that are currently supported is as follows

  • Nexus 4
  • Nexus 7 2012 (Wi-Fi and 3G)
  • Nexus 7 2013 (Wi-Fi and 3G)
  • Nexus 10
  • Oppo Find 5
  • Xperia Z
  • Xperia Tablet Z

There’s still no information when this ROM will be released.

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