Nexus 7 Random Reboot Solutions

nexus 7 random reboot

The Nexus 7 random reboot problem has been going on in the old and new version of the device. We have received several complaints from users of this device in our Mailbag.

If you happened to be one of the people experiencing Nexus 7 random reboot issue, here are solutions that you can apply to solve it:

1. Restart the Device

Restart your device to refresh its system and eliminate the minor glitches triggering the issue. It is also recommended to do a Soft Reset by holding the Power key for 30 seconds until it reboots successfully.

2. Update to the Latest OS Version

Always keep your device updated. Although it is set to automatically receive updates, you can also manually check for new updates by going to Settings followed by choosing About Tablet.Then, check your Android Version, select System Updates and choose the Check Now option. If a new update is displayed, simply install it.

3. Update All Apps

Faulty, corrupted or outdated apps can cause the Nexus 7 random reboot problem as well. So, make sure that all your apps are updated. You can easily do this by opening the Google Play Store. Then, access Menu. From there, choose My Apps and select the Update All command.

4. Disable or Uninstall Rouge Apps

Disable or uninstall any app that you installed just before you noticed the issue. Check if the problem will still occur. Most of the time, rouge third-party apps have the tendency to disrupt the normal function of the device.

Another way to check if third-party apps are triggering the issue is by entering Safe Mode. Keep your phone that way for a couple of hours to see if the random reboot issue will still happen.

5. Perform a Factory Reset

The way to do this is similar to the methods posted in our previous article about doing a Factory Reset in Nexus 4. The only difference of this is that instead of seeing the Reset Phone option, you will encounter a Reset Tablet option instead. This is recommended after trying out all the possible solutions. Be reminded that this will completely erase your data so backup your device prior to this.

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