Nexus 4 Problem in the Gallery

nexus 4 problem

One Nexus 4 problem that some users have been encountering is a delay in displaying photos that were just taken to the Gallery. This article will provide the possible solutions to this issue.

Possible Solutions to the Nexus 4 Problem in Gallery

There are a couple of things that you can do to lessen the time it takes for your Gallery to display the photos that you have just taken.

1. Clear Cache and Data

The first thing that you have to do is clear your camera cache and data. You can do this by going to Menu. Then select System Settings followed by Applications. Next, select Camera. From there, you will have the option to clear its cache and data.

2. Close or Uninstall Running Apps which are Not Needed

Another solution for this Nexus problem is by lessening the apps that are running in your background which you are not using. You can simply Force Stop them or uninstall them.

3. Disable HDR Mode

One contributor in the Android Central forum recommended disabling the HDR setting of the camera app. I am not sure if this has an effect but in my opinion this is a plausible suggestion since the HDR or High Dynamic Range mode of the Nexus 4 eats up a lot of processing power due to its capability to generate photos that have more detail or higher resolution whether in bright or dark areas.

4. Factory Reset

A last resort if all else fails is by performing a Factory Reset to your device. This will bring it back to its original settings and it will only retain the basic apps of your device. But before doing this, make sure to back up your device because it will completely wipe out all your personal files.

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