New Twitter App Beta Changes the UI, Again

Last night, Twitter users on the app’s beta track got another update to it. This time, it’s not just a bug fix and it changes the design drastically. Gone are the notifications, messages, and me tabs, as they are now buttons or in menus. The sliding menu from the old betas is gone, too, and personally I liked that.

Now you only have three tabs, specifically the “Home” tab for your timeline, the “Discover” tab for trending topics, mixed with popular tweets your followers have seen, and the “Activity” tab for showing tweets people you follow have favorited. You can still slide between the tabs, though, which is really convenient.

There are now three semi-transparent buttons on the bottom for choosing a picture already taken and tweeting it, taking a new picture and tweeting it, and just a new tweet button.


The design of the new beta, especially the transparent buttons on the bottom make it seem like Twitter is going slightly flat in their design. I look forward to seeing this effect on the iOS 7 version of this app.

There’s no word on when users on the non-beta version of the app will see this, but the old beta design was around for over a month, so it could be soon or it could be awhile. But if you’re on the beta track, like myself, go to the Play Store and update the app if you don’t have auto-updating on.

Source: Twitter Beta Track