New Specs and Pricing Details of Motorola DVX Emerge

We first (reliably) heard of Motorola DVX back in June when it emerged that Motorola would make a cheaper version of Moto X for emerging markets.  Since then, many a rumor has come up touting all kind of information about the device including its images when it stopped by FCC and a report on what the device really is and who it is intended for.  Today, more information has emerged that somehow confirms a few details we have heard before and we get even more new info including the pricing and some hardware specs.

Motorola DVX Back Cover

Despite all the new revolutionary features including customization and low price, Moto X did not really hit the ground running, so some people, especially first time Android users and budget shoppers, were not convinced the Moto X was worth the price.  Motorola is making DVX to meet the needs of these users.

The new Motorola DVX rumors indicate that this is a 4.5 inch smartphone with a Super AMOLED screen (hopefully a HD unlike Moto X), X8 SoC (this is the chipset that powers Moto X and is made of a modified 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC) with 2 more Motorola processors to handle contextual awareness, language interpretation, voice recognition and all the sensors’ processing requirements.  It is unclear though whether the main processor will be down-clocked from 1.7 GHz.

As far as design goes, the Motorola DVX will not have the super thin bezel like Moto X’s; although early images paint the device as very similar to Moto X, it is likely that there will be pronounced differences on the front of the device that will make it different.  Like Moto X, Motorola DVX will have changeable back covers and will most likely be customizable via MotoMaker or a similar tool when it finally launches.  Proof that Motorola DVX is designed for emerging markets is in the device’s dual-SIM capability.  There is no word whether all versions of DVX will be dual-SIM or the specs quoted are for a specific dual-SIM model, this is another thing we will have to wait and see.

The rumor further mentioned that Motorola DVX will cost between ¥1,200 and ¥1,500 which is roughly $200 – $250 off the shelf and without contracts.  According to the folks at Weibo, the source of these details is very reliable and these could be what we will get when Motorola DVX finally comes alive.

 Source: Weibo via G for Games