Netflix for Android 3.0 Rolling Out, Brings Many Improvements


Lately, the Netflix app for Android hasn’t been a good experience for some users. It sometimes lags and hasn’t had an updated UI in a while. That all changes today with the new 3.0 release.

The familiar rows for different TV shows and movies are still inside of the app, so that hasn’t changed. But the category button in the top left now is a slide-out menu, not a button that takes over the display entirely. This works in both portrait and landscape orientations. And instead of the white UI that takes over the whole screen, the panel now matches the rest of the app with its black coloring. That’s a nice change that makes the app feel more complete.


The new update also helps the app communicate better with the Chromecast, which is good since Netflix is one of the only apps for the device. The controls interface in-app seem to be cleaned up and the lock screen widget now behaves like any other in only taking up a portion of the screen and not the whole thing.

nexusae0_2013-10-16-04.44.31_thumb nexusae0_2013-10-16-04.44.46_thumb

Finally, the search button now shows you the cover images for movies and TV shows, instead of just a list. That’s a nice change that should help people find the content they want easier, as long as it’s available.


Unfortunately, there’s still no multiple profile support, which is baffling since the Google TV version of Netflix does, along with the app on iOS. Hopefully in a future update, they will add the long-awaited feature. They should, since many people I know (including myself) use that feature on every other platform.

Also, this update is unfortunately a staged rollout, much like when Google’s apps get updated, so we don’t know when it will reach your certain devices. But we have the APK, so you can download it now from our link below. So those of you with Netflix, are you glad this update fixes some issues? I sure am. But please Netflix, add multiple profile support.

Source: Google Play via AndroidPolice

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