Music Player App Problem: Requested Track Could Not Be Played

Requested Track Could Not Be Played

Recently we encountered an email in The Droid Guy Mailbag that reads, “I am facing an issue with music player it is not paying the songs from the track list. It is also displaying an error message like ‘Requested track could not be played’ even the tracks are available in the SD Card. I tried different techniques like refreshing the memory by moving all the files to the other location, removing all the files from the storage, and then I reinserted the files. But these did not fix the issue. These all are happening with my internal storage only i am not using the external storage. It is crashing my videos as well. If i restart the mobile phone the same video is showing as ‘New Video’ by name and it is not playing. Please help me out of this.”

Possible Solutions to the “Requested Track Could Not Be Played” Error Message

Based on the troubleshooting methods performed by the sender, we have narrowed down the possible factors triggering the problem. Now, we are looking at a possible issue with the music player app itself or the files being played may be corrupted for some reason.

If the problem is the music player app, just update it to its most recent version, or better, reinstall it or find another alternative. You can also try opening your music player under Safe Mode to determine if there are any other apps interfering with its normal function. Disable or delete the recently installed app that you think is causing all the trouble.

Try to play the files in another music player app or in another device like your computer. If they still won’t play, there’s a tendency that they are the ones causing the issue. If this is the case, you will need to repair the files or download them again from a reliable source.

When everything else fails, perform a Factory Reset. This is the ultimate way to remove any glitches in your system. Just make sure that you have backed up all your important files before doing this because this will wipe out your Android device’s memory.

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  1. My phone didn’t want to play one single track also, but all I had to do, I realized, was rename the downloaded song, because somehow there were characters in the title (like the “:”) which phones cannot identify and/or read. That was the reason it didn’t work.

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