Motorola shows off Project Ara which brings user customizable smartphone hardware

Project Ara

Motorola has just unveiled Project Ara, which it has been working on for over an year apparently. This sparks the idea of a new generation of devices which will give users the liberty to customize their smartphones the way they want to rather than adjusting with what the OEMs are making. In Motorola’s words this is a “free, open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones.”

Motorola will apparently work on this with the Phonebloks team, which has a similar concept regarding customizable smartphones. The concept consists of an endoskeleton or the base frame of the device and modules which are the core components necessary for the making of a smartphone like display, chipset, camera sensor etc.

Project Ara -1

Motorola will soon publish MDKs or Module Development Kits to rake in developers interested in Project Ara. The idea seems pretty cool as of now, but it’s still a long way from a commercial release. Although with the amount of work put in by Motorola and Phonebloks, we can expect to have a fully functional and customizable smartphone by the end of next year or probably sooner. Interested developers/fans can sign up to be an Ara Scout through the D Scout link below.

Source: Motorola Blog, D Scout

Via: Phone Dog

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