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Motorola launching its own 6.3 inch phablet called Xplay: Rumor

Motorola Droid Ultra

A new rumor emerging out of China claims that Motorola could be busy working on a phablet called the Xplay. Deeper details regarding the smartphone aren’t available right now but it is said that the handset will sport a 6.3 inch display, making it one of the biggest phablets out there. The smartphone apparently will break cover in 2014, so it’s still some distance away. We’re hoping to learn more about this phablet as the days pass, with Motorola not really being very strict about secrecy of its devices.

The report also names another Motorola smartphone called the Droid Quantum which is apparently the successor to the Droid Ultra on Verizon. Since the Droid Ultra was only recently launched, we might not get to see this breaking cover at least until another 8 months. So this is probably even farther away than the Xplay phablet. We sure like the sound of a Motorola phablet with all the custom software features from the Moto X and the Droid lineup. All this could prove to be one killer combination if the idea comes to fruition. However, as with any device launch, timing is going to be very crucial.

Source: Houdabao-Weibo (login required)

Via: Phone Arena

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