Moto Maker now supports migration of data from iCloud to Google


There are a lot of users switching to Android from rival mobile platforms like iOS. And we’ve seen manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and HTC give users the ability to transfer all their essential iPhone data over to the new Android device, however this often takes quite a long as customers have to manually do it once they have the new phone with them. However Motorola has gone a step further by allowing customers to transfer their iCloud data onto the Moto X right within the Moto Maker page instead of having to wait until the smartphone is with them.

This means that customers will receive their Moto X with almost all essential data (Calendars and contacts) right out of the box. This information was detailed by Punit Soni, the VP of Product Management at Motorola. Users basically have to sign up with their iCloud credentials on the Moto Maker page and they will be alerted when the transfer is finished. If there are some duplicates involved while restoring the backup, Motorola recommends users to try Google’s native solutions to deal with them.

Source: +Punit Soni (Google+)

Via: Android Central