Microsoft’s Remote Desktop app coming to Android later this month

Microsoft Remote Desktop

The Remote Desktop team at Microsoft have announced the feature’s availability on Android and iOS, which means that users on the two largest mobile platforms in the world will soon be able to control their Windows machines using smartphones and tablets. Currently we have plenty of third party clients which serve the same purpose, but the launch of an app directly from Microsoft will pretty much make them obsolete. Microsoft claims that this app will launch later this month, but refrained to give out a specific date of arrival. This app will reportedly bring support for Windows 8 as well, along with the flurry of gestures which it brings. One tiny glitch however is that this service would work only if you’re on the same home/office network as the computer.¬†

This can be considered the softening of Microsoft’s stance against leading mobile platforms, which have been fairly negative over the past few years. These apps will be offered for free apparently, which is another bonus for Android and iOS users. We’ll keep a keen eye on the Google Play Store to check for the app’s availability. In the meanwhile, you might as well prepare to ditch whatever third party client you’re using right now to make way for Microsoft’s offering.

Via: SlashGear