Microsoft wants HTC to launch a dual boot Android/WP8 smartphone

Microsoft HTC One WP8

HTC’s dismal run in the mobile industry is not news to us. The company has just posted a dismal Q3 financial earnings report with no signs of a revival anytime soon. And it seems like Microsoft has a plan to help HTC with its recovery. It is believed that Terry Myerson, the Executive VP of Microsoft’s OS division, will be heading over to Taiwan to discuss developing an Android smartphone which also boots into Windows Phone 8. So Microsoft basically wants HTC to launch a dual boot Android/WP8 smartphone.

Microsoft will allegedly drop its licensing fees for WP8 if HTC agrees to get into this deal. This could turn out to be a win-win for both companies as Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system is seeing a slow progress while HTC’s revenues are going down every month. By launching a dual boot smartphone like this, HTC could woo both Windows Phone and Android fans by providing them the choice to switch between the two major operating systems. We will follow this story closely and provide you with further details when there are any new developments.

Source: Bloomberg

Via: Android Central

Image Credit: Tech Radar