Microsoft launches Remote Desktop App in the Play Store

Remote Desktop

The Microsoft Remote Desktop app has just hit the Play Store, as promised by Microsoft last week. Available as a free download, the app lets users remotely control their Windows machines using only their smartphones or tablets. This is a novelty feature for the most of us and early users reviews suggest that there’s still some work left to be done. Regardless of that, it’s a good start by Microsoft and we can hope to have an improved version of the app in the coming days. But as of now, it doesn’t look like the Microsoft Remote Desktop app will make other third party offerings obsolete. 

The app has been launched in the iTunes AppStore simultaneously, so Microsoft doesn’t want to limit the app’s reach to just one platform. Setting up the Remote Desktop app with your PC can be a little tricky as users have to manually enter the credentials unlike other remote desktop apps freely available in the Play Store. Perhaps Microsoft could look to introduce this feature with an update in the future.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Cult of Android

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