LG’s flexible display smartphone delayed until November

LG Flexible Display

Earlier yesterday, we heard of the LG Z smartphone which was touted as the company’s first flexible display smartphone. And now we’re hearing a slightly different name for the smartphone, known as the LG G Flex. We’re not really certain if this is the final working name for the smartphone, but it appears to be the real deal. There’s also a sketch of the smartphone which shows the concave shape that was discussed yesterday. This report from Cnet further mentions that the launch has now been postponed to November while the smartphone was originally slated to launch this month.

The smartphone will apparently feature a 6 inch display panel and not the 4.5 inch panel that LG was allegedly working on initially. The name G Flex makes a lot of sense too as the ‘G’ moniker is currently used in LG’s flagship devices. As you can see from the sketch above, the smartphone will not be curved entirely, but just enough to look appealing. The design tells us that it would fit firmly in the users hands and make phone conversations a much pleasurable experience as well. All eyes are now set on Samsung’s flexible display smartphone which is set to be unveiled next week.

Source: Cnet

Via: Unwired View