LG announces world’s largest flexible mobile OLED panel

Flexible Display

LG has just unveiled the largest OLED panel meant for smartphones, which also happens to be flexible. This 6 inch panel was unveiled shortly before Samsung unveiled its new 5.7 inch flexible OLED panel, but despite that, LG holds the record for producing the largest flexible mobile OLED panel. This could well make its way to the flexible display smartphone which LG is rumored to be launching next month. The highlight of this display panel is that it is made out of a plastic substrate rather than glass, which means the weight is substantially lesser compared to standard OLED panels.

The panel is only 7.2 grams in weight and 0.44 mm in thickness.¬†According to LG, this panel will be concave in shape providing designers enough freedom to be creative. LG has been relatively silent about other details of the display like resolution, pixel density etc but we’re hopeful it will be cleared up for us in due time.

This news comes shortly after rumors of the Samsung Galaxy Round surfaced earlier today, which could feature the 5.7 inch flexible OLED panel that was announced by Samsung earlier in the day. This panel is even lighter and thinner than the LG panel as it is smaller in size.

Via: Phone Arena