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Lenovo reportedly in talks to acquire HTC

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We have come across plenty of acquisition rumors so far, but this might well be the biggest one out there. According to Taiwanese reports, Chinese manufacturer Lenovo is deep in talks to acquire HTC. These reports claim that talks have been in progress since August and could come to a conclusion by the first half of 2014. Some high level executives from both sides reportedly met back in August, which has increased speculation in the blogosphere. An acquisition like this makes sense given HTC’s poor showing in the mobile industry, but we cannot make sure until we have strong evidence. So it will be wise to treat this as a rumor until then.

Given how Lenovo is increasing its mobile marketshare each day in the Asian markets, HTC could be in good hands if the acquisition does take place. Lenovo on the other hand has its reach limited to China and neighboring regions, and with HTC, it might just be able to breach the North American borders as well. So it sounds like a classic win-win deal if the deal is closed by Lenovo and HTC. This acquisition should in no way affect HTC’s regular functioning, and we can expect to see the company developing smartphones the way it does now. This could well be the biggest acquisition of the year after the Nokia acquisition by Microsoft.

Source: Apple Daily (Translated)

Via: Phone Arena

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