Leaked Android 4.4 screenshots show improved location settings

Android 4.4 Location Settings

A new screenshot accessed by Android Police has revealed some changes coming to the standard location settings on Android 4.4.  The new Location Settings page reveals three options for the users to choose from – High accuracy, Battery saving and Device sensors only. High accuracy makes use of Wi-Fi, mobile internet and GPS to pinpoint your location. Battery Saving will not use GPS but will use your mobile internet and Wi-Fi connections to determine your whereabouts. Selecting the third option will only access GPS satellites to narrow down the user’s location.

This is certainly a better way to track the user’s location compared to how it is currently done in Android 4.3. We’re not sure if these features will make the cut with the final release of Android 4.4 as it’s still early days, but the screenshot comes as pretty conclusive evidence. The announcement of Android 4.4 is slated to take place later this month, along with the much rumored Nexus 5 smartphone. We are expecting to see a lot more changes underneath Android 4.4 besides minor tweaks like these.

Source: Android Police

Via: Phone Arena