Latest comScore Results Show Slight Decline Of Android In U.S. Market

Analytics firm comScore has just released the latest figures for the U.S, smartphone market share for the month of August. The data shows that the Android system took a slight dip on August compared to its May comScore rating.  Results show that Android usage dropped 0.8 points to 51.6% from its previous score of 52.4%.

Despite the slight decline Google’s Android still remains the top operating system of choice in the U.S. market. Following at second spot is apple’s iOS which holds a 40.7% market share up by 1.5 points from its previous share of 39.2%. Taking in third place is BlackBerry which also lost 0.8 points now standing at 4.0% down from its previous share of 4.8%. Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform takes in fourth spot with a 3.2% market share up by 0.2 points from its previous share of 3.0%. Finally we have Symbian which has a 0.3% share.

In the United States there are 145 million people who own smartphones which translates to a 60.8 percent mobile market penetration. This data is for the three months ending in August. The results show that Apple is still the top manufacturer capturing 40.7% of the market which is an increase of 1.5 points from its May rating of 39.2%. Samsung takes second spot with 24.3% share up by 1.3 from its previous share of 23.0%. HTC suffered a 1.3 point decrease in its share which is down to 7.4% from 8.7%. Motorola also suffered a 0.9 point decrease with its share standing at 6.9% from 7.8%. LG’s result didn’t change which still stands at 6.7%.

comScore also releases the top smartphone properties and apps for the month of August 2013.

Top 15 Properties

  • Google Sites 92.2%
  • Facebook 84.6%
  • Yahoo! Sites 83.2%
  • Amazon Sites 68.6%
  • AOL, Inc. 50.7%
  • Apple Inc. 50.4%
  • Microsoft Sites 46.0%
  • Wikimedia Foundation Sites 45.3%
  • 43.2%
  • eBay 37.4%
  • Turner Digital 35.2%
  • CBS Interactive 34.8%
  • Glam Media 33.0%
  • Weather Company, The 30.0%
  • 29.1%

Top 15 Apps

  • Facebook (Mobile App) 75.7%
  • Google Search (Mobile App) 53.9%
  • Google Play (Mobile App) 53.2%
  • YouTube (Mobile App) 52.8%
  • Google Maps (Mobile App) 46.1%
  • Gmail (Mobile App) 44.3%
  • Apple App Suite (Mobile App) 44.1%
  • Pandora Radio (Mobile App) 43.3%
  • Yahoo! Stocks (Mobile App) 31.5%
  • Apple Maps (Mobile App) 27.5%
  • Instagram (Mobile App) 27.4%
  • Yahoo! Weather Widget (Mobile App) 23.4%
  • Twitter (Mobile App) 21.7%
  • The Weather Channel (Mobile App) 20.6%
  • Facebook Messenger (Mobile App) 20.2%

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