JK Shin claims the Galaxy S4 has sold over 40 million units so far

Galaxy S4

A recent report suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has not been selling well despite its phenomenal start which saw the smartphone selling over 20 million units within two months. But the chief of Samsung Mobile, JK Shin has rubbished those reports by giving out sales figures for the Samsung flagship of the year. He claimed that the smartphone has sold over 40 million units so far, which is a remarkable figure for any device. So it is quite clear that Samsung has a hit on its hand for the fourth year in a row and it should be interesting to see how it builds on the success of the Galaxy S4 with the successor.

Apart from giving out sales figures of the Galaxy S4, Shin reassured customers that the company is in talks with new battery suppliers to fix¬†isolated incidents of the Galaxy S4 battery swelling and heating up spontaneously. So from JK Shin’s words, it’s quite clear that the Galaxy S4 is far from being outdated. But with the Galaxy Note 3 recently breaking cover, we can expect the sales to tone down a bit.

Source: iNews24 (Translated)

Via: GSM Arena