Intel to start making quad core 64 bit ARM chips from 2014

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According to a new report emerging out of the Wall Street Journal, Intel will be launching 64 bit ARM processors next year. Intel previously was limited to making x86 chips, so the fact that it will be working with ARM chips is big news indeed. While these new processors won’t venture into the mobile business immediately, Intel will certainly have plans to make some sort of an impact in the mobile arena considering how most Intel based smartphones haven’t really met expectations. Intel has vast amounts of tech and research at its disposal as it makes use of the 22nm process while competitors are still using chips made with the 28nm process (Qualcomm, Samsung, NVIDIA and others).

This quad core 64 bit ARM based chip will be used in a unit known as the field-programmable gate array before making its way to smartphones. In any case, these chipsets won’t make its way to tablets or handsets before 2015. This means that competitors have nothing to worry about for another year or so. 2014 will certainly be an interesting year for mobile chipsets as Samsung is racing to become the first Android OEM to have a 64-bit chipset. Qualcomm is expected to announce the new breed of mobile chipsets in January next year as well.

Source: Forbes

Via: Android Beat