Ingress app officially comes out of Beta, now available for all

Ingress LogoNote: we received note from Ingress that the invite process has been dropped but the game is still in beta

The augmented reality game, Ingress on Android is now accessible by all as the developers have brought it out of Beta. Previously an invite only affair, the game can now be downloaded by any Android user through the Google Play Store. Popular by word of mouth, Ingress has been around for almost an year now and it’s good to see that the developers (Niantic) want more users to get hold of this increasingly addictive AR game.

The game consists of two rival factions known as the Enlightened and the Resistance who fight against each other for control of the XM otherwise known as the Exotic Matter. The game needs you to keep moving around the city in order to capture more Portals which is sometimes acquired by the rival factions. The game is not very heavy on graphics but makes up for it with intuitive and addictive gameplay. Give the game a try if you have time to kill, but be aware that you might get hooked onto it pretty quickly. Download the app from the Play Store link below.

Source: Ingress (Google Play Store)

Via: Android Community