iMpulse Bluetooth Game Controller Now Has Native Android Gamepad Support

The iMpulse Bluetooth Game Controller was a very promising Kickstarter campaign that was able to exceed its goal last year. It looks like a scaled down version of a Super NES controller that can be used to wirelessly control games and is even a key finder & media controller.

A lot of people had high expectations on this device however when it got released it was somewhat of a disappointment. There’s no problem on the hardware side it’s just that the software lacks certain functionalities. It works fine using an emulator app however other than that it takes a lot of time to configure it to work on Android games.

Black Powder Media, the developers of iMpulse, have recently released a firmware update that resolves one of its major disappointments. It now comes with native Android gamepad support which will allow it to be easily used with games that support external controllers natively. According to the developers the upgraded controller has been tested on titles such as Grand Theft Auto 3, Granny Smith, and Mongo Madness all of which has worked perfectly.

Installing the update though is a tricky procedure since you will need a Windows based computer with Bluetooth functionality as well as a couple of tools and files supplied by the developers.

Firmware Upgrade Procedure

  • Download the Beta iMpulse Firmware: v 1.08 and BlueSuite from HERE
  • Install BlueSuite on a MS Windows system (the USB drivers and the DFU utility are the required components)
  • Attach the iMpulse via USB cable.
  • Put the iMpulse in DFU mode
  • Launch the DFU tool
  • Select ‘Universal Serial Bus (USB)
  • Chose the first option, click [Change] and select a place to backup your current firmware. Then click ‘Next’.
  • Click ‘Browse’ and pick the location you saved the new firmware. Click ‘next’
  • Wait while the iMpulse receives the firmware
  • Unplug the iMpulse and then press and release reset
  • Upgrade is now complete

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