in Android Gaming PC Will Support Valve’s SteamOS

Last month we reported the upgraded specs of the device. For those who don’t know yet this is an Android powered gaming system that looks like a desktop PC. It is also being called as the fastest Android ever having an AnTuTu benchmark score of 78,044.

Mobile Media Ventures, the company who makes this device, recently made an announcement saying that this device will support Valve’s SteamOS. Company CEO Christopher Price said that “Today, we’re pledging support for Valve Corporation’s SteamOS on We will ensure it’s possible for our customers have access to the entire launch lineup of SteamOS games, and we’ll work with developers to ensure SteamOS games are tuned for”

The company has developed a way to unify two environments to run on top of Android. One is the OpenGL ES 3 environment for mobile games and the other is the OpenGL 4 bare-metal environment for traditional console games. The technology allows traditional Steam for Linux to be run on the device alongside traditional apps.

Unlike traditional PCs where SteamOS has to be configured, nothing has to be done on since it is already integrated into the system. It is also able to run SteamOS unlike any other Android device since it uses Intel Iris graphics technology which is a revolutionary graphics array. SteamOS will be launched inside the Android experience and after playing games users can exit back to Android.

The device also features a Linux Desktop which can be called anytime and has the ability to display to two outputs simultaneously.

Christopher added that “By extending the olive branch to SteamOS, we’re ensuring gamers will have an experience that excels past other consoles. We expect to launch with a great array of Android games that showcase how Android can scale up to a high-performance console. SteamOS will stand alongside that top-tier experience on”

Technical Specifications

  • Fourth Generation Intel Core Processors with Iris Graphics technology
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 500 GB Solid State Hybrid Drive
  • 802.11n
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Gigabit Ethernet


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