Humble Mobile Bundle 2 Updated With 3 More Games And An eBook

Last month the Humble Bundle Mobile 2 for Android was released that featured four exciting titles plus two more titles if an above average payment was made. As of this writing a total of 125,142 bundles have already been sold with 6 more days left in the promo. Today, Humble Bundle has announced that they are adding three more games and an eBook in the mix.

Those who have already availed of bundle will already have the three games and the eBook available at their download page. For those who would like to avail of this offer all you have to do is pay more than the average price of $4.54 to get the original 6 titles plus the latest additions. You will also get to download the soundtrack of most of the titles.

The latest titles to join this bundle are Karateka Classic, QWOP, and God of Blades. The eBook included is the “Making of Karateka”.

Karateka Classic

This game first appeared in 1984 and was created by the same guy who created the original Prince of Persia, Jordan Mechner. This is a beat-em up game where you will have to use your karate skills to defeat the evil Akuma and rescue Princess Mariko. Prepare yourself for tons of one on one fights against the henchmen of Akuma. The difficulty increases as you progress through the game.

As an added bonus you will also be receiving the eBook Making of Karateka. This eBook is written by Mechner during his college freshmen days and documents how the game started.


This popular running game is now available on the Android platform. You will have to use both your thumbs to control QWOP’s legs and try to run as far as possible. There are 5 events that you can compete in, make sure that QWOP doesn’t get disqualified.

God of Blades

You play the part of a spectral warrior who has returned to save the planet against all sorts of enemies. You will have to use your sword to slice against your enemies in 11 different environments. The physics driven combat makes sure that every encounter is unique.

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