Humble Bundle With Android 7 Adds Four More Games In The Mix

Just last week we reported a new set of games included in the latest Humble Bundle offering. Humble bundle with Android 7 included six Android games all of which can be availed of by just paying less than $7.  Today, four more games are added in the mix bringing the total to ten. Those who have already paid above the average price will have access to the latest additions at their respective downloads page.

There are actually three full games added, the fourth being a DLC. The titles are Anomaly Korea, Broken Sword: Director’s Cut, Organ Trail: Director’s Cut, and Ticket To Ride Europe DLC. All of these games have been included in previous bundles and if you missed them then you can get them this time around.

Anomaly Korea

anomlay korea

This is the sequel to Anomaly Warzone Earth and is described as a top-down reverse tower defense game. Instead of being the defender you play the part of the attackers, so you could say that this is a tower offense game. The aliens are back and this time the battle takes place in Korea. Your job is to lead a squad past the alien defenses and eliminate the threats.

Broken Sword: Director’s Cut

broken sword

In this title you get to explore Paris and team up with nosy journalist Nicole Collard as murder of statesman Pierre Carchon and bistro bombing victim George Stobbart. This Director’s Cut version has a new narrative thread that accompanies the classic story. If you love adventure games then you’ll definitely love this all-time classic adventure title.

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

organ trail

This is a retro zombie game where you and four friends travel across the United States in an old station wagon. You’ll have to scavenge for supplies and fend off zombies that can attack anytime. Your friends may even come down with dysentery or you’ll have to put them down yourself once they get bitten by a zombie.

Ticket to Ride Europe DLC

ticket to ride

This DLC takes you on a new adventure this time in Europe where you will travel to many cities. The game play is still the same as collect and play train tickets that will let you claim railway routes to connect cities.

The soundtracks for these games are also available for download and are in FLAC and MP3 formats.

Those who want to add games on their Android devices should avail of this excellent deal. For less than $7 you will have access to ten amazing games but then you can always pay above the average price.

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