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HTC Unveils Solid 18 Karat Gold HTC One


If HTC was looking for a bold statement, they really have unveiled one today. At a special event in London, AndroidCentral, Pocketnow, The Verge, and other organizations were shown off a new phone by HTC. It’s still the HTC One we know software-wise, but that hardware is insane.

This HTC One is made out of 18 Karat solid gold panels, which only add 4 grams of weight to the product. There are only five in existence. The phone is worth £2,750, which is a little over $4,400 in US dollars at press time. But it’s not for sale. Made in a partnership with Goldgenie to celebrate the 18th annual MOBO music awards, two of the models will be given to the winner of the Best Newcomer award on October 19th.

The third model will be used for marketing purposes, the fourth will be used in demos for the press, and the fifth and final model has a secret mission assigned to it. Does that mean HTC will give it away? Until HTC says what the mission is, we won’t know. But keep an eye on the site for when the information is revealed.

For a video overview, Pocketnow has a nice, quick look at the device, which is embedded below. That phone looks gorgeous, but gold looks like it’ll scuff up more. But who cares, because it’s solid gold.

A solid gold HTC One. Wow. I envy the people who get to even hold one of these, to say nothing of the people who will own one. If I owned one, though, I wouldn’t even take it out of my house. Heck, I’d leave it in a bank vault and almost never take it out. What would you do if you were one of the lucky few to own one?

Sources: AndroidCentral, Pocketnow, The Verge

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