HTC One Emits Static Audio / Background Noise [Workaround]

One of the most common problems HTC One owners encountered is the static noise they hear in the background. According to those who have heard it, the noise can easily be heard when the phone is using the system speaker but it can also be heard even when owners use headphones.

Here are some emails we received from our readers related to the problem:

Static Noise When Listening To Music 

Just recently, I started hearing noise in the background when I play music. I can’t say when it actually started but I’m sure it was only recently. The noise is a static sound that you could easily hear when listening to music. I just got my phone (HTC One) a couple of months ago and I don’t have problems other than this.

HTC One Static Plays When Using Headphones          

I have heard from other HTC One owners that the phone seems to have some problem with the audio and I can confirm that I, too, have experienced one, albeit a minor issue. I travel a lot and I love listening to music. I bought HTC One the day it was made available in the U.S. and performance-wise I have no complaints. Listening to for hours every day, I have noticed that it has some kind of static noise in the background, which can be heard clearly between tracks. But the thing is, I can’t hear it when I’m listening through the phone’s speakers. So, I guess it is the headset that has a problem.

Background Noise Plays On Speaker And Headphones

Before I emailed you guys I browsed through online forums and have read other HTC One owners can hear background noise when using headphones. However, mine is much worse because I can hear the noise on both speakers and headphones. In fact, it seems to me that there’s a problem with the receptor inside the phone because even when I connect my phone using a special cable (3.5mm to RCA), the static is still there. Do you know how to fix this?


While many already reported to have experienced the problem, the problem wasn’t acknowledged by the manufacturer so it’s not clear whether it is a software or a hardware issue. As of this moment, there seems to be no resolution (a way to completely fix the problem) to the issue, although there are some workarounds you can do to minimize that annoying hissing static sound.

Determine the problem. The first thing you need to do is to determine whether the static occurs when the phone is on speaker or headphones. While the issue seems common to One owners, there were reports that the headphones were to blame.

Buy new headphones / headset. If you positively identified that the problem was with your headphones / headset, the best course of action is to buy a new one. However, if you’re not one hundred percent sure about it, try plugging other headsets to find out if the static occurs. If it does, the problem might be in the headphone receptor.

Turn off Beats Audio. There were reports from other owners suggesting the native Beats Audio app maybe the culprit. It is logical to think likewise knowing Beats is in-charge of making HTC One’s audio quality better. To find out if this is the case in your phone, try turning Beats Audio off via the gear icon in the Notifications panel.

Turn NFC off. Based on reports from other users, the NFC (Near Field Communication) might also be causing the problem especially when in the process of transferring files. The hissing sound problem was also found in other smartphones with NFC capability. Turning the NFC off will determine if such claim is accurate.

Firmware update. There is no guarantee it could fix the problem but if there’s an available update waiting to be pulled down, do it. Some tech-savvy owners said they have solved theirs by flashing custom ROMs into their phones. We don’t usually recommend it but if you have enough knowledge to flash third-party ROMs like CyanogenMod, SlimROM, etc., it may just be worth the time and effort.

Have a tech look at your phone. If the static noise is caused by hardware or software defect, there’s no other option but to bring the phone to an authorized technician to check on it.

Problems with your phone?

Email us at [email protected] and we will help you find solutions. Please be detailed as much as possible so that we will know where to start and how we can help you better. However, we cannot guarantee that we could respond to every email we receive.

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  1. I’ve had the same problem, mate. I have an HTC M9. I have no idea when I happened to notice the jittering sound and noise in the background, but it’s on my nerves actually, especially when I connect the phone to the car audio system. I’ve come up with any solutions one may think (changing the cable, playing the same song on another device to make sure that how big is the problem, uninstalling some audio apps I got, …); none worked!
    I live in Iran, and there’s nobody to refer the phone to! No real warranty or guarantee here!

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