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HTC EVO 3D Saves a Gas Station Clerk’s Life

bullet-hits-cell-phone-1-102813-650x433The HTC EVO 3D was HTC’s first smartphone that could shoot 3D video, but it never really took off. However, it can do much more than shooting 3D video, such as stopping a bullet.

A gas station clerk was working around 4:30AM when two thieves came in asking the clerk for money. The first clerk couldn’t open the cash register, therefore, a second clerk was called. The second clerk couldn’t open it either. In frustration, one of the two thieves used his revolver and shot the clerk in his abdomen.

The clerk didn’t notice that his phone had stopped the bullet until he pulled it out of his pocket. He suffered minor injuries, but it’s definitely better than taking a bullet straight to your abdomen. Got to say, HTC makes some pretty strong phones.

Source: MyNews13


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