HTC details the functioning of the fingerprint scanner on the One Max

HTC One Max

With Apple announcing the iPhone 5s with a fingerprint scanner a.k.a the TouchID sensor, there were some serious concerns raised regarding privacy of the users. So it was imperative that questions would be raised when HTC announced the One Max smartphone with a fingerprint sensor of its own. And the Taiwanese manufacturer has now cleared the air regarding the functioning of the fingerprint scanner on the One Max to educate potential buyers.

While answering questions posed by Phone Arena, HTC mentions that it doesn’t actually store an image of the user’s unique fingerprint ID. Here’s the full statement issued by the company on this – “The fingerprint data is stored in local memory. It is encrypted and stored in the system partition, which can’t be readily accessed or copied. The fingerprint data is not an actual image but fingerprint characteristics that have been identified by a proprietary algorithm. No, HTC does not have access to the information and the fingerprint cannot be used by a third party.”

This certainly answers a lot of questions and helps users understand how the process actually works. Hopefully, this will work in favor of HTC as the company is desperately trying to make an impact on the mobile market with the One max phablet.

Source: Phone Arena

Via: Talk Android