How to Choose a Smartphone Guide: Operating System

How to Choose a Smartphone Operating System

Recently, we have covered the elements that you should consider when choosing a smartphone in this set of articles:

Now, we are going to shift our focus on the subject about the Operating System.

The operating system or OS is composed of a series of software that manages all the hardware resources of a computer or Smartphone. It also provides common services to all programs present in a computing device. Without an OS, applications will not be able to function properly.

Nowadays, there are so many operating systems going around in the market. But in this article, we will only discuss the popular or the dominant ones like the Android, iOS, HTC, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.


Android is an operating system developed and managed by the giant-multinational corporation Google Inc., or simply Google. Currently, this is one of the most dominant operating systems used by Smartphones and tablets worldwide along with Apple’s very own iOS.

Android is specifically designed for Smartphones and tablets. Its system is primarily based on the Linux kernel which is a free and open source software.

Due to the fact that it is free, the production of devices that makes use of it comes cheaper than others such as iOS-based devices. Also it is a very generic OS which is compatible with many third-party apps. This is preferred by many developers as well because it provides a lot of software customization options.

It should be noted though that because of the open hardware environment of Android devices, they are more prone to technical and performance issues.


The iOS is initially dubbed as “iPhone OS”. It was initially designed for iPhone Smartphones, but now, it has been incorporated in Apple tablets too.

Despite the more expensive price tag of Smartphones bearing the iOS, this is less vulnerable to technical issues and outside attacks as compared to other operating systems because of its very controlled and restrictive environment. Apple is very strict in the apps it releases in its App Store and devices running under the iOS presently do not support downloads from third-party.

If you are someone who wants a more stable and more secure OS, the iOS is highly recommended for you. In addition to the advantages mentioned, the App Store also offers more downloadable apps than Android or other operating systems.

Windows Phone

The Windows Phone OS is developed and managed by Microsoft. Even though this Smartphone OS is not within the popularity range of Android or the iOS, and the number of its available apps is nowhere near the ones offered by the major players in the Smartphone industry, it is tailored to offer better performance than the rest. This OS is tailored to cater to the requirements of personal and business users.


The BlackBerry OS is developed by BlackBerry Ltd. for its Smartphones. Before the advent of the iOS and Android, Smartphones that utilizes this OS used to be on top of the market because of its classy features. However, due to its limited apps and customization features as compared to the iOS, Android and even the Windows Phone, it has dropped from the top rankings during the previous years.

Which One Should You Choose?

The answer to this depends on your preferences or requirements. If you want something that is less vulnerable to technical issues brought about by unreliable third-party apps, there’s iOS for you. But if you want to be able to enjoy utmost customization options and numerous third-party apps, you can get Android. Don’t forget Windows Phone as well if you prefer better performance.

Other Smartphone Operating Systems

Be reminded that these are not the only Smartphone operating systems available in the market. Lately, a lot of them have been going around like the Symbian, Asha, MeeGo and WebOS, not to mention that there are also others that are coming up like the Ubuntu Touch and Firefox OS.

To get more information and to keep yourself updated on the features of current and upcoming Smartphone operating systems, be sure to read our articles here at The Droid Guy regularly.

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