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Google’s acquisition of FlexyCore could make Android smoother

Android 4.4 KitKat

According to latest information Google has acquired French firm FlexyCore for an estimated $23.1 million in a bid to boost Android performance substantially. If you’re wondering, FlexyCore is the team behind the DroidBooster app. This app grabbed a lot of attention for being able to perform and execute more Java codes while making use of less CPU power.

So this acquisition could directly affect the way Android behaves and functions in the future which is very good news. With the launch of Android 4.4 imminent, we can’t help but think if the acquisition has something to do with the upcoming refresh of Android. It is being said that talks were underway since last year and was only finalized early this month.

The FlexyCore team will apparently work directly under Google’s Android development team to “help optimize the performance of (Android) on mobile devices.” Google has come a long way since it introduced Project Butter with Android 4.1 last year and we’re hoping to see similar changes with Android 4.4.

Source: L’Express (Translated)

Via: Android Beat

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