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Google will bring a newer design for Glass

Google Glass

According to reports, Google is looking to unveil a newer design of Google Glass ahead of its wider release for customers. As we all know, Glass is currently exclusive to developers and enthusiasts who were willing to shell out $1,500 for the early Explorer edition. So in essence, the gadget is still not ready for the masses. But it seems like Google is all set for that now and the introduction of a newer design is certainly a step in the right direction.

Mary Lou Jepsen who heads the display division at the Google X Labs mentioned in an interview with MIT Technology Review that the team is working very hard to bring this idea to fruition. According to her, this new design is more comfortable and “cool” as well. She suggested that the team “maybe sleeping three hours a night to bring the technology forward.”

Google Glass is certainly one of the most innovative products from last year and it should be a crowd favorite in time for its widespread launch. As always, its success will heavily depend on how Google will decide to price the gadget.

Source: MIT Technology Review

Via: Cult of Android


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